Monday, December 19, 2011

Boy, does time fly!

I was so excited to get my blog all set up and I couldn't wait to start posting!  Then, I found out that my wonderful computer (that's only 7 years old) can't pull up my blog!  So, I tried to download something and it decides it doesn't want to run the software to upgrade.  (Can you tell I'm computer sauvy  : D ?!?)  So, I've been looking for the perfect laptop to replace my dinosaur but, there are so many choices out there!  I get flustered and I end up putting it on the back burner.  Well, now you see that it's been 2 weeks since my first post and this is not how I wanted to start my blog out!  So, please hang in there with me while I figure this all out.  I know I'm going to make mistakes along the way but I'm looking forward to the ride!

I've decided to use my daughters laptop for now.  I have loaded pics onto it and we'll just see how this goes.

I wanted to introduce you to my baby, Sweet & Korny!  If you like carmel corn, you will want to try this!  (But, I'm warning you, it can be addictive.)  It's delicious, melt in your mouth, carmel corn!  It's made with the best ingredients, which includes real butter!  This was a gift that I would always make and give for the Holidays and one year, my sister (Samantha :o) said, "You need to sell this stuff"!  So, I came up with the catchy name using the initials of my daughters names:  Shaylin & Keara.   Packaging was a struggle for me but it is what it is, for now.  So, that's how it started, simple enough.  Over the years, I have also added delicious, creamy fudge and this year have added Marshmallow Yummies!  Yumm-O!  Try to eat just one of these babies!

Now, I want to warn you, a photographer I am not!  I do get lucky every once in a while so I am very pleased when I get one of those!

Sweet & Korny carmel corn is delicious, melt in your mouth carmel corn!  It is made to order with the best ingredients, including air-popped popcorn and real butter! The amounts in ( ) indicate the amount of popcorn used before baking. 

Here are the details:

*A Batch      (20 cups)  only $13.00*  Each add-in only $2.00 more
(Cashews can be added to this size only for $3.00 more)
*1/2 a Batch  (10 cups) only $7.00*    Each add-in only $1.00 more
*Favor Size   (2 cups)   only $2.00*    Each add-in only 50 cents more

Plain or Peanut M&M's
Reeses Pieces

Add-ins added after Carmel Corn is baked, so they won't melt.
(**added before baking process and are coated with same delicious caramel)

Don't forget to try these delicious sweet treats, too!

**9"x13" foil pan (with lid) of Creamy Chocolate Fudge (3lbs) only $13.00**
(add walnuts for only $2.00 more)

**Marshmallow Yummies ~ Marshmallow covered in candy coating and dipped in candy bits
 ~ only 50 cents each**
Your choice of white or chocolate candy coating and dipped in Mini M&M's or Andies Peppermint bits for the Holidays.  Minimum order of 4, please

These treats can be shipped for additional charge.

Happy Holidays!

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