Thursday, May 23, 2013

Last Day of School 2013

The last day of school in our family is always bittersweet.  We look forward to spending the summer together most of all but it's also nice to have a break from the school routine!  The sad part is missing friends, teachers, and all the changes they will encounter with the next school year.
This year was a little more momentous for our family.  Keara graduated 8th grade and was promoted to 9th grade.  Today was her 8th grade promotion ceremony and of course lots of tears were shed. We are so proud of her!  We are also a little nervous and a lot excited for what's in store for her in high school and all of the new and exciting adventures she will experience.

Today was Shaylin's last day of 4th grade but was only able to attend the first hour of school before I had to check her out and head over to Keara's promotion. 

The gift we decided to give on the last day was *CHOCOLATE!*  We tucked it inside of the Mason Jar I featured in a post on Feb. 8, 2013.


Thanks for being such a GREAT teacher, Mrs. Elizondo!  We will miss you!!!

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