Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wonderful You

Hope you all enjoyed Father's Day!  We didn't do too much here but that's just the way my husband likes it.  So, it was a perfect day for him.  And, since it is his day, I'm fine with it. 

This is a girlie card and no, I didn't give it to my husband for Father's Day.  But, he is wonderful so I thought I'd share it today.

We made it yesterday in my New Catalog Kick-Off class and it was made with one of my new favorite stamp sets from the new Stampin' Up! catalog, *Papaya Collage*.  Not sure how it got it's name but it is a set that I know I will use over and over.  I love the soft colors of this card and how they all go perfectly together. 

Can you find the new Vintage Faceted Designer Button? It blends in in the pic but just finishes the card off beautifully in person.

I celebrated my birthday this weekend and was giddy when my friend Michelle brought a cake to class and Keri brought me my favorite drink in the world, a Cherry Coke from Sonic!  I just have one question that I need to ask Sonic though, Why do they randomly add a cherry?  I love cherries and would love the bottom of my drink covered in them but I am so disappointed when I get to the bottom and there isn't even ONE!  Does anyone have the answer to that question?  :o) 

I took this pic at a weird angle.  It didn't look right when I rotated it either.  It was delicious and my family devoured it!  Ok, I did eat most of it.  :o)  Anyway, I want to say a BIG *Thank You* to my sweet friends!

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  1. I just googled Papaya Collage for some ideas and ame across this card. It is breathtaking! The colors and layout are perfect. One of the prettiest cards I have ever seen. Great blog too!

    1. Hi Pam! Thanks for leaving a comment and for your kind words! Glad you enjoyed my blog, I'm new to the blog world so I'm learning as I go. Take care!


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