Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mom & Me *Back to School*

Just thought I would share the projects we made in my *Mom & Me* Back to School class.  Yes, I said *Back to School*.  Yikes!!!  It's already that time here in AZ and I'm sad that the summer always seems to fly by!  I would love another month with my girls before the schedules, homework, etc... begin!

Here are the 3 projects we made in class, to get the kiddos excited about going back to school.

We made a Pencil & Notepaper holder, a *Mentos* pencil (should be Rolos but they would melt in a hot second here in AZ), and a corner bookmark.  Then, each person personalized theirs with black glittered stickers.

Here are Cassandra's projects.

Back to the samples.

Here it is with different background paper.

Simple how-to:  2" x 4" wood cut at 8" then sand the ends to your liking.  Trace the top and all 4 sides on the back of your piece of background paper then cut them out.  Generously apply modge podge to wood and place your cut out piece of paper to it.  You can smooth it out with a gift or credit card to make sure it is glued down and to remove any bubbles.  The thicker the background paper works best and you will get less bubbles.  Repeat with remaining pieces of paper 'til all sides are covered.  Let it dry then sand off paper where it meets at the corners.  The more you sand, the more distressed it will look.  When you're done sanding, you can always follow up with sponging the sanded sides to distress it even more.  I was happy with the white from the paper showing after I sanded mine so I didn't sponge the edges with a darker paint or ink but Cassandra did.  You can check out the pic of hers above.  Then, we drilled holes for the pen/pencils.

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